About ReQuest Manager

What is RQM?RQM_sm

ReQuest Manager is a library catalog and circulation software package created specifically to address the needs of managing resources for media centers, churches and synagogues, office collections, and other specialty libraries.

How are we different ?

ReQuest Manager is your software. The program has been developed and improved over many years with feedback from our users. ReQuest Manager is proven software. Currently installed at dozens of organizations nationwide, large and small, we have the largest base of active users of any software of its kind. ReQuest Manager is living software. Since our first version was released in 1997, we have continued to work with our users to improve RQM, releasing new updates several times each year. ReQuest Manager is supported software. We have a demonstrated record of superior customer support! When you join the RQM family, friendly, personal help is available to you by phone, email, and live remote assistance. We are committed to RQM for the future!

What is included ?

ReQuest Manager’s features include:

  • An easy-to-use, Microsoft Windows-based interface
  • Straight-forward cataloging of your resources: (including the optional WebScan for easy entering of resource information from the internet and the importing of MARC records)
  • Advanced search capabilities for finding clients, resources, and invoices
  • Full-featured reports, from a single item to a full catalog, and extensive administrative usage reports
  • Complete financial package for invoicing through reconciliation
  • Full network support, from single-user installations to multi-user organizations
  • The flexibility to customize your data in the way YOU want, not the way your software package makes you!
  • Full documentation with plenty of screen-shots to help you learn to use RQM
  • Conversions from other software packages available

And unlike other companies’ complex pricing schemes, our software comes out-of-the-box, ready to be used on a single computer or shared across all the computers at your site! No per-seat fees.

Sharing Your Data

Most importantly, there are plenty of ways for you to share your resource catalog with others, including:

  • Extensive report formats for printing and exporting resources, clients, invoice transactions, and more
  • Mail-merge, flexible HTML exporting, and easy emailing of results
  • Searchable online web catalog hosting, called RQMWeb
  • Kiosk mode for read-only searching of your catalog by walk-in clients
  • ReQuest Consultant, a software catalog program that you can give out to your clients so they can search your catalog on their own computer

Optional Modules

We have several optional modules available for use with ReQuest Manager:

  • WebScan: An easy and powerful cataloging tool that automatically searches the web and catalogs your new books for you.  Never type in another resource again!
  • RQMWeb ASP Hosting: Publish your resource catalog with our online hosting service.  Using only their web browser, your users can search your catalog by simple keyword or powerful, advanced searches, save resources in their shopping cart, and request resources from you by simple email checkout.
  • Barcoding: Take advantage of barcode technology to more efficiently manage and track your library of resources.  You can print your own barcode labels for resources and scan barcodes (your own or ISBN) to quickly check resources out or in.

Support and Training

We know RQM is easy to use, but even so, we don’t leave you out there alone to fend for yourself. We have a full range of support and training options, including:

  • Helpful, personal, support from real-life users of the software by phone or email
  • Members-only support area for downloading updates and supporting files


For information on pricing, hardware requirements, and trial software, email us. Fully-featured demo packages are available.  Please contact us to request one.