What is RQM Barcoding ?

Take advantage of barcode technology to more efficiently manage and track your library of resources. With the optional barcode module of RQM, you can print your own barcode labels for resources and scan barcodes (your own or ISBN) to quickly check resources out or in.

How does it work ?

Books: All new books published include a unique ISBN code and barcode on the back to identify the book.
Videos and other resources: For resources that do not include an ISBN code, you can print your own barcodes using a special label printer.  These labels can be applied right onto the resource, allowing you to scan them just like ISBN barcodes.Scanning: To scan the barcodes, simply pass the barcode wand over the barcode on the resource.  You can use the QuickScan… feature of RQM to quickly jump to the resource details screen, or scan ISBN codes when checking resources in or out.  It makes checking in a stack of resources a breeze!

Use it with the option WebScan module to quickly scan your ISBN codes and then have WebScan scour the web to auto-catalog your resources!


When you purchase the RQM barcode module, you will receive a software key that unlocks the barcoding features of RQM. The barcoding module requires a barcode wand; you may use your own or purchase one from us.  Optionally, you may purchase a barcode labeling printer.  At this time, only certain models are supported; contact us regarding compatibility of other models.


To get a price quote for the barcoding module and equipment, simply contact us for more information.  Please contact us if we can answer any questions for you!