RQM Support and Training

We know RQM is easy to use, but even so, we don’t leave you out there alone to fend for yourself. We have a full range of support and training options, including:

  • Helpful, personal, support from real-life users of the software by phone or email
  • Members-only Product Downloads area for downloading updates and supporting files

Support Contracts

Online and technical support is supplied to resource centers with a current support contact.  Information regarding support contracts can be found with your ReQuest Manager welcome package or by contacting us directly.  Product updates or technical support is also available on a per-issue basis.

Before Contacting Technical Support

We hope you never have a problem with ReQuest Manager, but we know that in an imperfect world, things sometimes happen!If you do encounter an error while using ReQuest Manager, there are a couple things you can do first that might help the problem:Try to compact the data file (if you are able to open RQM):

  • From the Main Menu, click on Administration
  • Click on the “Data File Utilities” tab
  • Finally, click the button marked “Compact Data File…” to begin the process

Compacting your data file should be done regularly, as it maintains a healthy database structure. Occasionally, small data corruption can occur if there are network glitches, or if a computer is powered down improperly. Compacting the data may correct such problems.

Alternate process to compact the data file (if you can’t open RQM):

  • Click on the Windows Start Menu
  • Choose either “Programs” or “All Programs”
  • Locate the ReQuest Manager folder and click on “Compact RQM Data File” to begin the process

Manually start the maintenance process:

  • From the Main Menu, click on Administration
  • Click on the “Data File Utilities” tab
  • Finally, click the button marked “Run Maintenance” to begin the process

Background database maintenance is automatically run periodically, allowing RQM to clean up and streamline its data.

Provide us with support info:

When contacting us for technical support via email, please provide your RQM System Information, which will be helpful in troubleshooting problems you are experiencing.

  • From anywhere in RQM, locate the Help menu and click on “About ReQuest Manager…”
  • Click on the “Email Support Info” button to copy the information to your clipboard.
  • Open a new email to technical support and choose Edit/Paste to paste the information from the clipboard.
  • Please also provide us with specific details of the problem you encountered, including: what steps led to the error, exact wording of any error messages, and whether you can reproduce the error

Upload your data file for technical review

After contacting technical support, you may be asked to upload your data file to our server for technical review of the problem you encountered. This also provides us with your support info (see above). Follow these steps:

  • From the Main Menu, click on Administration
  • Click on the “Data File Utilities” tab
  • Click the button marked “Upload Data File…” to begin the upload process

Check for updates to your computer:

Go to Microsoft’s Office Update site ( and click on “Check for Updates.” This site, similar to Windows Update, will look for updates to the Access runtime engine that is used by RQM. Several users have reported that installing the recommended updates from this site fixed strange problems they were encountering in RQM.