Web Catalog Hosting

What is Web Catalog Hosting?

RQM users can take advantage of a special online service to make your resource catalog available to your users: RQMWeb ASP hosting.  Take advantage of RQM’s online catalog feature in all its feature-rich glory!  Using only their web browser, your users can search your catalog by simple keyword or powerful, advanced searches, save resources in their shopping cart, and request resources from you by simple email checkout. Now with thumbnail images for resources with an ISBN code entered!  Click here for an example.

How does it work ?

This hosting is not designed to replace your current website host, but to supplement it.  We will provide a link (it will look something like: http://rqmweb.com/eocumc) that you can provide on your center’s website that will open up the search page.  When your users click on that link, they will see a search page for quickly and easily searching your catalog. Instead of the multiple support calls needed to your ISP to set up your online catalog, simply contact us to set up your account, and we will provide the exact values to enter into RQM to get you connected.  From then on, just click “Update Web Data” to publish your most recent resource catalog to the website.


To view a demonstration of RQMWeb ASP in action, go to the demo search site and see how easily your center’s users could be searching your catalog!

Can I Customize the Look of the Catalog ?

We can work with you to customize the look of your online catalog to match your existing website. If your website uses frames, the online catalog can be brought up inside a frame, further matching your website look and feel.

Why Online Catalog Hosting ?

As a ReQuest Manager user, you have always had access to RQM’s online catalog components.  However, since all web servers (ISPs) are configured a little differently from each other, getting up and running with an online catalog often meant multiple calls to your tech support or your ISP to obtain the correct settings for your particular website. We are pleased to be able to provide one-stop, worry-free web hosting for your online resource catalog. Now with automatic thumbnail images for resources with an ISBN code entered!  Click here for an example.


The cost for one year of RQMWeb ASP web hosting is just $80.00 — that’s less than $7.00 per month.

How Do I Begin ?

To get started online, simply contact us to set up your account and we will walk you through everything step-by-step.  Please contact us if we can answer any questions for you!