What is RQM WebScan ?

Tired of manually entering all your new resources into your catalog?  WebScan is an easy and powerful cataloging tool that automatically searches the web and catalogs your new books for you.  Never type in another resource again!

How does it work ?

When you type or scan a book or video’s ISBN code, WebScan automatically searches through numerous online catalogs for information about the book.  It searches sources such as the Library of Congress, Barnes and Noble.com, and Powells.com.  But, unlike other web-scanning tools, WebScan ALSO searches many denominational publishers and religious booksellers!  If your book exists in any of these sites, you can be sure that WebScan will find it and enter it for you. When you use it with the optional Barcode module, you don’t even have to type the ISBN.  You can use your barcode scanner to scan it in.WebScan also includes the ability to import MARC records from vendors or other library automation packages.

What information does it find ?

WebScan compiles its data from as many sites as it can locate the item.  It can automatically fill in most of your resource fields, including title, author, publisher, publication date, length, subjects, and description. WebScan will save your staff hours of tedious typing!


The WebScan module is $100 for a site license with no expiration.  To purchase WebScan, simply contact us to get the process started.  We will send you a software key that you can use to unlock this feature of RQM.  Please contact us if we can answer any questions for you!